Technoangel Studios

chibi headshots of Laura and Andi

Creating cute and snarky artwork for the geeky masses

We create a wide variety of items, ranging from prints and buttons to charms and graphic tees, and are always looking to try new things. Much of our work is created digitally, using programs such as Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and Procreate, but we also work in physical media like marker and watercolor.

We attend several anime and geek-themed conventions throughout the year. Most of our events are in the Mid-Atlantic region, but we are always looking for new shows! Many of our designs can be found in our our RedBubble shop. We also offer commissions, both at conventions and online.

You can also sometimes find us streaming on our Twitch channel. Come hang out while we play games old and new and draw silly things!

There are no upcoming conventions.

chibi headshots of Laura and Andi
chibi headshots of Laura and Andi


Note: Any designs displayed as stickers are made available as charms, buttons or other allowed items at conventions that do not allow stickers to be sold.