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October 2, 2008

Updating the installation of WordPress since, well, the notice at the top of the admin screens about updating was frankly getting annoying. :P So if the site appeared broken for a while this afternoon, it was because I turn off the plugins during the upgrading process as a precaution, and the majority of the PHP that appears on the actual pages comes from the gallery plugin I wrote. But thankfully the WP upgrade process is amazingly fast and pain-free, so I doubt anyone actually noted the problem. :)

Also, I’ve added my own twitter to my page and rewrote the bio. Just a couple things as I work to get the site to a place that I am happy with. (Well, what web developer is every happy with a site for more than a few days? XD) Have been debating moving a few things around a little, but not sure if I’ll have the sort of time I’d need for that prior to Nekocon, so it may have to wait.

In Nekocon news, our button machine arrived yesterday, and it is …really heavy. But awesome, too. Hoping to get my button art finished in a week or two so that I can get it printed up and start playing with our new toy. ^^

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