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Time for Tekko!

April 15, 2015

Anime Boston was absolutely amazing this year. It was so awesome to meet all of you, and get to hang out with some of our fellow artists! We completely sold out of everything Senpai, which just floored us. Clearly this is the year of the Senpai!

We’re getting ready to head to Tekko this weekend, rounding out the first leg of our spring marathon. We’ll be at table T14 in the Artist Alley, and we’re going to have a full stock of our Senpai rating shirts, keychains and buttons, along with all our other wares. Be sure to stop by if you’re at the show!

After Tekko we’ll be reopening our online store, and then plunging full speed ahead into prep for the second half of our crazy spring con marathon, with Animazement, AwesomeCon, AnimeNEXT, and Anime Mid-Atlantic rounding out the schedule. Be sure to stay tuned on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr to keep up with all our new stuff.

See you in Pittsburgh!

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