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Thanks for a great weekend, Otakon!

August 11, 2014

We are back from Baltimore after a great weekend at Otakon. Many thanks to Lucky Squid Studios, Mori J Designs and Kimchi Kawaii for being awesome table neighbors! :)

If you missed us at Otakon, or couldn’t make it this year, everything except our buttons are available in our online store. This includes our new clear charms, like this grumpy little fellow.

We have a short break for the rest of the summer, and then we’ll be at Anime USA in October followed by Nekocon in November to finish out 2014. We’re also starting to get our 2015 schedule together, which we’ll be kicking off in January with MAGFest! During our little summer’s end break, we’ll be working on some new stuff, so stay tuned!

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