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Shutdown Streaming Party and Tigercon

October 8, 2013

So, since the government is shut down and my office is closed for the time being, I have taken to streaming weekday afternoons. Starting at 1pm, you can watch me work on a variety of things. I’ve been working on chibis from Soul Eater and Attack on Titan, and I’ll be moving on to some print work tomorrow. If you’ve ever wanted to see how I do what it is I do, now’s the time! Check our Facebook or Tumblr pages to see when a stream starts/ends.

Update: So, shutdown’s over and that means I’m back at work. (Yay!) I may work out doing some sort of semi-regular streaming on the weekends, but no more daily streaming. Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the last couple weeks to watch me complete 6 chibis and start a 7th (from Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, and Legend of Zelda) and finally finish my print of Princess Serenity. You guys are awesome!

Also, we are excited to be attending our first Tigercon later this month! It’s a one day event at Towson University in Maryland. If you’re in the area, please come by and check it out! We will have our usual compliment of buttons, including our ever-growing selection of ratings buttons, as well as all of our other shirt designs, adorable charms, and all our prints. We will also be taking commissions for buttons, badges and full-sheet drawings, but since this is a single-day event, our commissions list will be shorter. Check out some of our previous commission work if you’re in the market for something unique.


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