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Progress, of sorts

August 25, 2008

Some updates in the galleries. We’re working feverishly to get some new stuff done for Nekocon this fall, and we’ve started to upload progress shots of what to expect. We’re all set with out Neko table, which we’ll be sharing with Erin from Shades of Veil.

Sadboy’s uploaded the first of his set of very adorable goth loli gals. (Hooray! Inkage!) I’ve been trying to get the fanart chibis I’ve sketched out inked and colored, and you can see what I’ve drawn so far. (If you want to see something in particular at Nekocon, leave a note in the comments!)

Couple people have signed up for the forums, but it’s still pretty quiet in there. C’mon people, start a discussion :D

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