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September 19, 2008

Getting ever closer to our reemergence at Nekocon this November. I’ve been cutting back on what I had originally planned to have ready for the table, simply due to time constraints. The chibis are much further, in that about half of them are finished and most of them are in the process of being colored. I also have mostly finished a couple original pieces that just either need backgrounds or shading. (Been working with a different way of coloring, and I think it’s working better for me. ^^)

SadBoy’s been inking away at his chibi army. (One day they shall conquer the world! :D) Look for updates from both of us, hopefully, soon? ^^; I’ve been bad about posting, and I will try to rectify that this weekend, when I am not actively sewing or trying to get a library card.

Quick chibi drawing from this morning. Came to mind after reading the most recent scanlations for xxxHolic. Did he actually have any time for magic? :P

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