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Now that that’s over…

August 29, 2011

It’s been quite a week around here. First an earthquake, and then a hurricane. Thankfully, nothing aside from a brief loss of power really hit our area. Hope all our fellow East Coasters came through okay as well!

We’ll be at Intervention next month over in Rockville, MD. Lots of awesome people are set to be there–including eren and Chezhnian of Tamuran, who are guests again this year–,so come check it out. (You can still pre-register, and single day passes are now available.) We’ll also be debuting a new rating t-shirt for ‘Gamers.’ :)

Then in November, we’ll be down in Hampton, VA, for Nekocon. Looking to rotate in some new button designs and add new prints. (Remember: If you ever want to see us make something into a print or button, just let us know!)

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