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New Year, Same Update Schedule >.>

January 23, 2009

Yeah, we neglect the front page a bit, don’t we? And I ought to be uploading something more than occasionally. Maybe I can work on that this year. (As much good a resolution ever does anyone. :P)

We’ve sent in our registration for Anime Mid-Atlantic, hoping to get a table with Erin and hoping that we’ll get that table next to Megami. This all hinges on snail mail and everyone being able to register. Whee. :P

Should be working on some new stuff in the coming months, though not a lot for the con. I’m going with what I’ve already got, with some additions as I come up with them. So if you were at Nekocon–it’s at the same convention center in VA–and saw something you wish you had got, come stop by this June. ^^; Once we get confirmed for a table, that is. XD

4 responses to “New Year, Same Update Schedule >.>”

  1. Jupie says:

    You should go to Ohayo-con! I haven’t seen you in FOREVER O_O (I moved to Columbus just as Marsie moved to Toledo ;_; …then Korea!)

  2. Robyn says:

    Ohayo-con’s only a few weeks before Katsucon. It’s hard for us to get a lot of days off that often. (And this year we’ve got to take off for some other things aside from cons.) Maybe one of these days we’ll get out there for it, though.

    Marsie moved to Korea? Wow, I hadn’t heard that. >.> Army life, huh?

  3. Jupie says:

    yep, her boy got stationed there. You still up in…DC was it?

  4. Robyn says:

    Yup, we’re still here. Fun times. City was freaking over the bit of snow and ice we got the other day. XD

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