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Sirius: Hurrah! Our own section!

Remus: You do realize that the *entire* site is devoted to us, right Padfoot?

Sirius: But we don't get to talk that much...

James: Probably a good thing considering the amount you talk. *grins*

Sirius: Feeling the love, Prongs...

Lily: As *much* as the slash fans out there would love to contemplate that statement, we do have a point to being here.

James: And it's not the one on top of Padfoot's head.

Remus: *long suffering sigh* You can read all of our previous answers by browsing the archive to the right, or by using the search function.

Peter: You mean that extra thing at the bottom there?

James: So you can search by anything to see if we've answered a question about that subject? That's handy.

Lily: It'll even tell you which edition we answered the question in so you can go back and read the answer.

Sirius: But we're not taking questions any longer, unfortunately.

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Enter key terms from your question, divided by commas, and you can see if and when a question was answered. Yay technology!

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