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Happy Summer!

June 22, 2013

otakon2013locationUpdate 6/30: We got our table assignment for Otakon. Come visit us at W09! :D

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our table last weekend at Anime Mid-Atlantic. We had a lot of fun with you all!

We’re done with shows for the next month or so, but we will be at Otakon at the beginning of August. We’ll update on where we’ll be within the Alley once we get our table assignment.

We’ve begun to add more things to our online store this month, including our prints (which you can also get in their smaller 5×7 sizes). Individual buttons should be following soon, once we decide how best to post them, as well as the Pokeball earrings and keychains that we had at AMA. And, as requested at a previous event, we’ve made a print version of our He Didn’t Listen shirt.

We have a few things we’re working on to debut at Otakon this summer, so look for some updates about those next month. (Super excited!)

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