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Back from Katsucon

February 20, 2011

Hey everyone!

We’re back from Katsucon, all unpacked, the art supplies and booth displays are tucked away in our closet…….and now we crash….

Before we crash however, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who dropped by our table and said hello, additional thanks to everyone who purchased something from us, I hope you enjoy your purchase and come visit us again at a later con.

Check back here for the listing of when our next show it. We’re confirmed for Anime Mid-Atlantic in June, however we may be at Anime Next as well. As soon as we know we will update the site to reflect that.

As a final note, if there is anything in terms of content you wish to see send us an email and let us know. If it’s something we would enjoy making then we’ll consider making it. Additionally? I’m considering making Yaoi T-shirts based off our ratings designs from our buttons (of which you may have seen at our tables….you may even own a button or two already). Is this something you all would be interested in? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Ok I find food now and sleep.

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