Technoangel Studios


Recent Table PhotoAnimazement 2017
Hi SenpaiPlease notice me...
Is This What You Like?Breath of the Wild
Hime ShirtQueen of all you survey
Choose Your WeaponAnalog or Digital?
No Game No Life Button SetSora and Shiro
Waifu ShirtWho's is best?
Dice Pattern PouchCare to roll for initiative?
Cats!A repeating pattern of cute
So Much PotentialWhich path will you choose?
Shades of BlueJust going with the flow
Rainy Day KappaTrying to stay out of the weather
Barbarian and BardRPG Class Badges
Cleric and DruidRPG Class Badges
Mage and PaladinRPG Class Badges
Ranger and RogueRPG Class Badges
Glow-in-the-Dark Boo CharmsSo scary. So shy.
Yuri on Ice!!! Button SetViktor, Yuri and Yurio
Zelda Items PouchIt's dangerous to go alone...
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Button SetJosuke, Koichi, Okuyasu and Jotaro
All Things End In SilenceThe only certainty...
Sailor MoonInktober 2016
Kinomoto SakuraClear Card Arc
Mini Mythicals: Charm Set #1Yukionna, Kappa, Kitsune, Phoenix and Nekomata
Mini Mythicals: Charm Set #2Mermaid, Kraken, Satyr, Griffin and Yeti
YandereMy love is dangerous...
YukionnaInktober 2016
KitsuneInktober 2016
Serenity and LunaInktober 2016
Mermaid and FriendInktober 2016
Team BadgesRed, Blue or Yellow?
Furry XingYield to all pedestrians
Noragami CommissionYato from Noragami
Kappa BadgeThis is my happy face...
Home is Where the Haunt IsEveryone needs a place to call their own.
Haruka & Michiru CharmForever linked by this red string of fate...
Chibi WitchSomething cute this way comes...
Question Mark BoxContents may vary
Ratings ButtonsFandom from A to Z
YukionnaPlaying in the snow
Care To Place a Wager?Gambit from X-Men
Wonderland BoxFall down the rabbit hole
Ratings ShirtsSenpai and Ninja
Boo BoxShyly hand-painted
Final Fantasy Acrylic CharmsMoogle, Chocobo, Cactuar, White Mage, Black Mage and Tonberry
Legend of Zelda Button SetLink, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, Impa, Sheik and Midna
Poke BoxGotta keep 'em somewhere...
Assorted BadgesFeaturing our Fandom Ratings and other designs
Onepunch Man Button SetSaitama, Genos, Sonic and Tatsumaki
Love Live CommissionYazawa Nico in idol-mode from Love Live.
Chibi ArianrhodNine of Clubs design for a group project
No Time LeftYour three days are up
Death Parade Button SetNona, Decim, and Kurokami no Onna
Afternoon StrollStrolling arm in arm
Princess SerenityWatching over the Earth...
Elf GirlSweet and graceful
He Didn't ListenBut can you really blame him?
Bun HeadPractice escalated into a full-scale painting
Hugging cat plushEveryone has a favorite plushie.
Bartender CommissionA nice challenge with a lot of different textures.