Technoangel Studios

About the Studio Creating cute and snarky artwork for the geeky masses

Formed in 2008, Technoangel Studios produces all manner of adorable designs and fandom puns.

We produce a wide variety of items, ranging from prints and buttons to charms and graphic tees, and are always looking to try new things. Whether it’s digital or analog, our love of the cute and the humorous always shines through!

Our obsession with all things adorable shows throughout our work, both fan-inspired and beyond. Our sense of humor is most on display in the Mochi Spiders, who voice all the silly and snarky things you want to say when presented with the ridiculousness that is life. And our years in fandom led to our Fandom Ratings, which gently poke fun at the quirks of the community we love.

Many of our designs can be found in our our RedBubble shop. We also offer commissions, both at conventions and online.

We attend several anime and geek-themed conventions throughout the year. You can check out our full schedule to see if we’ll be at a con near you. Most of our events are in the Mid-Atlantic region, but we are always looking for new shows!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Thanks for visiting!