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2011 con season is over, on to 2012!

November 22, 2011

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our table Saturday & Sunday of Anime USA this past weekend. We weren’t sure we’d get a table, which is why we hadn’t mentioned it. We’d mostly planned to be there for the BLOOD & Matenrou Opera concerts, but a table became available late Friday night, so we ended up selling, too. :)

We had lots of fun hanging out with Megami Jadeheart, and had some awesome table neighbors, including Meg of Rival Hearts and Paperelle (I’m wearing a pair of her awesome origami earrings today!). We also played host to our friends from Tamuran, who were part of some awesome panels Sunday on webcomics and the writing thereof.

So far for 2012, we’re scheduled to be at Katsucon in February and Anime Mid-Atlantic in June. But for now, it’s time to eat some turkey and rest up. :)

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