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Open for business…

July 23, 2008

Welcome to the newly revamped Someone finally gave me a swift kick in the behind to get an actual art site up that I would update more than once in a blue moon. ;) So, here we are, our artwork, somewhat organized for your viewing pleasure.

There are a few ways for you to access our work. To the right, you’ll see something labeled ‘Recent Uploads’. That section will always display the 9 most recent uploads, whether they’re all from me, from sadboy, or a mix from both of us. If you click to one of our bio pages, the right-hand side will display our three most recent uploads in each category that we upload to. From there you can click to galleries of all our work in each category. Finally, there is a ‘Galleries’ page that lists the 12 most recent uploads per category from both of us, with links to full category pages. So you can view our works together, or just zero in on one of us.

Likely, we’ll blog about recent uploads in this space here. We’ll also keep you appraised of other news, like conventions we’ll be selling our art and other related topics. We’re also opened a forum for the site. Originally I had hoped to bring over the old MM forums, but after giving the conversion three different tries, sadly I had to give up. For now those forums are still up, but they may not be up for long if no one posts. ^^; But everyone is welcome to join this new forum!

So this ought to get me motivated to work on my art more. SadBoy, too. ^^; This, coupled with Nekocon this fall, that is. We’ve applied for a table in their Artist Alley, which we’ll be sharing with Erin from Shades of Veil. We’ll let you know once we’re confirmed, etc etc. This also means you’ll be seeing a flood of artwork. Good things all around, yeah?

7 responses to “Open for business…”

  1. erin says:

    site looks really nice. good luck! :)

    when’s the next AtM coming out?

    (sorry, I had to… :P)

  2. Megami says:

    Yay, you got it up! ~bookmarks~

    It’s good to see both of you gearing up for conventions again ^_^ I expect to see a lot of great art out of both of you ^_~

  3. Star Ash Myst says:

    You scared me half to death! I though all the stories were gone!!!

  4. Moony says:

    You guys are amazing! The site looks awesome!

  5. sadboyinsnow says:

    Thanks :) I’m glad people seem to like it.

    Oh and the next ATM comes out in a week.
    (just kidding)

    Maybe I should do an ask Yuki strip?

  6. Robyn says:

    You, in the corner. Now. ><

  7. Grant says:


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